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Suppliers of quality Scottish gifts. Hamish our very own Tartan Teddy. We can supply you with a wide range of tartan gifts Kilts and accessories in your family name from over 120 clan crested items to over 5,000 wool tartans and 80 silk tartans.

A wide range of soft toys are also available in your tartan incuding our new Meerkat soft plush toy. We hope you enjoy viewing our range on the following pages.

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  A View of Tartan

It is an unwritten law that to be Scottish, one must eat haggis every day, have a west highland terrier as a "friend", say "hoots" and "och aye" on an hourly basis, be able to sing every song from Brigadoon word perfect and wear a tartan kilt (even in bed). However, tartan was originally a style of cloth intended only to be decorative. These were patterns that were popular within certain areas where they were woven, and local patterns were achieved using the limited range of local colour dyes (brambles, heather, onions and "midges" can only give so many colour options). They were made of a local coarse type of wool which was guaranteed to afflict the wearer with the infamous 16th Century ailment of "Scottish Sporran Scritch Scratch". This reputedly afflicted thousands more in Scotland than the Black Death.

Where there was a strong clan within an area (especially in the highlands where they got really scary!), visitors from other areas were recognised as being from a different clan by the pattern of their tartan. This caused problems when staying overnight at the local B&B (Bog & Bothy) if you inadvertently left your clan tartan "smalls" out and some local thief/idiot stole your only method of identification.

When tartan was proscribed by law, the Government or Black Watch pattern was the only legal one. But by the early 1800s, people realised that the knowledge of tartans before the ´45 was being lost and, simultaneously, everyone got "Romantic" about Scotland's past. They then felt it their duty to preserve all the known tartan designs. These were reconstructed from portraits, collected on pilgrimages (usually to the pub), demanded from clan chiefs, recovered from weaver's notes and special relics were regularly whipped out of granny's bottom drawer for inspection (usually on Saturday nights after Scotsport!).

The significance of tartan as national dress, worn under various circumstances, created clan tartans for every "name", even those that previously had none. This was the first "cunning plan" by the Scots to milk a symbol to death in the name of commerce. Hunting tartans of a subdued nature (the equivalent of today's trendy combat wear) and dress tartans that were brighter often supplemented these clan tartans. These inevitably suffered overkill at the hands of such Scottish stalwarts as Andy Stewart, Kenneth McKellar and the White Heather Club (otherwise infamously known as the Tight Leather Club). However, this nickname seemed to refer more to the profuse use of Badger Sporrans and leather G-strings by the male dancers in the group!

Further variety was added by fashion, fancy or trade tartans to fill any niche, including various colours of a single pattern, especially the more universal designs used for dancing. There were even some "mourning" tartans developed (usually worn by Scots on days when England were due to play against such great football giants as Jamaica Under 9's and Scotland were playing Brazil in the first round - again!).

Nowadays, tartan is a marvellous way of re-establishing ones roots and proclaiming to society that you too are a member of a clan (well, we all want to belong, don't we?). TOP SECRET: Scots have been such prolific pioneers emigrating to other countries over the centuries that we now have huge underground groups and facilities throughout the world. These are ready to spring into action and we should don our kilts in the final world-wide take-over offensive (oops! must just pop off and see my analyst briefly). I hope this short and absolutely factual outline of tartan history answers a few of your questions.

  View Your Tartan

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Abbotsford tartan
Abercrombie (Wilson`s no 64) tartan
Abercrombie Ancient tartan
Abercrombie Modern tartan
Aberdeen tartan
Agnew tartan
Ailsa Craig tartan
Aitkin tartan
Allison tartan
Anderson Dress tartan
Angus tartan
Armstrong Modern tartan
Austin or Keith Modern tartan
Baillie of Polkemett tartan
Baird Modern tartan
Barclay Modern tartan
Bell tartan
Bisset tartan
Black Watch Modern tartan
Blair tartan
Borthwick tartan
Bowie tartan
Boyd tartan
Brodie tartan
Bruce tartan
Buccleuch tartan
Buchan tartan
Buchanan Modern tartan
Burnett tartan
Burns tartan
Caledonia tartan
Cameron Modern tartan
Cameron of Erracht tartan
Campbell tartan
Campbell of Argyll tartan
Campbell of Cawdor Modern tartan
Carmichael tartan
Carnegie tartan
Chattan tartan
Chisholm tartan
Christie tartan
Clark tartan
Clergy Blue tartan
Cochrane tartan
Cockburn tartan
Coldstream tartan
Colquhoun tartan
Cooper tartan
Cornish Hunting tartan
Cornish National tartan
Craig tartan
Cranstoun tartan
Crawford tartan
Culloden tartan
Cumming tartan
Cunningham tartan
Dalziel tartan
Davidson tartan
Davidson of Tulloch tartan
Devon 2000 tartan
Douglas Modern tartan
Drummond tartan
Dunbar tartan
Dunblane tartan
Duncan tartan
Dundas tartan
Dundee tartan
East Kilbride tartan
Edinburgh tartan
Elliot tartan
Erskine tartan
Ettrick tartan
Farquharson tartan
Ferguson tartan
Fletcher tartan
Flower of Scotland tartan
Forbes tartan
Forsyth tartan
Fraser tartan
Galbraith tartan
Galloway tartan
Gillies tartan
Gordon Dress tartan
Gordon Modern tartan
Grant Modern tartan

Gow tartan
Graham of Montrose tartan
Gunn Modern tartan
Guthrie tartan
Hamilton Ancient tartan
Hamilton Modern tartan
Hannay tartan
Hay Modern tartan
Henderson Modern tartan
Holyrood tartan
Home Modern tartan
Hunter Modern tartan
Huntly tartan
Inglis tartan
Innes Modern tartan
Inverness tartan
Irvine tartan
Isle of Skye tartan
Jacobite tartan
Johnston Modern tartan
Keith Modern tartan
Kennedy Modern tartan
Kerr Modern tartan
Kidd tartan
Kilgour tartan
Kincaid tartan
King George IV tartan
Lamont Modern tartan
Lennox tartan
Leslie Hunting tartan
Lindsay tartan
Livingstone Modern tartan
Loch Ness tartan
Lochaber tartan
Lochcarron tartan
Logan or MacLennan Modern tartan
Lumsden tartan
MacAlister tartan
MacAlpine tartan
MacArthur Modern tartan
MacAulay Modern tartan
MacBain tartan
MacBean Modern tartan
MacBeth Modern tartan
MacCallum Modern tartan
MacColl tartan
MacDiarmid tartan
MacDonald Modern tartan
MacDonald of Clanranald tartan
MacDonald of the Isles tartan
MacDonald of the Isles Hunting tartan
MacDonell of Glengarry tartan
MacDougall Modern tartan
MacDuff Modern tartan
MacEwen Modern tartan
MacFarlane Modern tartan
MacGill tartan
MacGillivray Modern tartan
MacGregor Modern tartan
MacHardy tartan
MacInnes Modern tartan
MacIntyre Modern tartan
MacIver tartan
MacKay Modern tartan
MacKenzie Ancient tartan
MacKenzie Modern tartan
MacKinley tartan
MacKinnon tartan
MacKinnon Hunting tartan
MacKintosh tartan
MacKintosh Hunting tartan
MacLachlan tartan
MacLaine tartan
MacLaren tartan
MacLean Hunting tartan
MacLean Modern tartan
MacLellan tartan
MacLennan tartan
MacLeod Ancient tartan
MacLeod Modern tartan
Macleod of Lewis tartan
MacMillan Ancient tartan
MacMillan Hunting tartan
MacNab Modern tartan

MacNaughton Modern tartan
MacNeil Modern tartan
MacNicol Modern tartan
MacPhail tartan
MacPhee MacFie Modern tartan
MacPherson Dress tartan
MacPherson Hunting tartan
MacPherson Modern tartan
MacQuarrie Modern tartan
MacQueen tartan
MacRae Modern tartan
MacTaggert tartan
MacTavish Thomson tartan
MacTeddy tartan
MacThomas tartan
Malcolm/MacCallumn tartan
Maple Leaf tartan
Matheson tartan
Maxwell tartan
Melville tartan
Menzies tartan
Menzies Modern tartan
Middleton tartan
Mitchell Modern tartan
Moffat tartan
Montgomerie Modern tartan
Morrison tartan
Morrison Red tartan
Mowat tartan
Muir tartan
Munro Modern tartan
Murray Modern tartan
Murray of Atholl Modern tartan
Napier tartan
Newfoundland tartan
Nicolson tartan
Nisbet tartan
Nova Scotia tartan
Ogilvy of Airlie tartan
Oliver tartan
Orkney tartan
Queen of the South tartan
Rainbow tartan
Ramsay Modern tartan
Rattray tartan
Renwick tartan
Robertson Hunting. tartan
Robertson Modern tartan
Rose Hunting tartan
Rose Modern tartan
Ross Hunting tartan
Ross Modern tartan
Roxburgh tartan
Royal Stewart tartan
Russell tartan
Scott Hunting tartan
Scottish National Modern tartan
Scottish Parliament tartan
Scottish Parliament Weathered tartan
Seton tartan
Shaw tartan
Shepherd tartan
Sinclair tartan
Skene tartan
Smith tartan
Stewart Dress tartan
Stewart Hunting tartan
Strathearn tartan
Stuart of Bute tartan
Sutherland tartan
Taylor tartan
The Tartan of the Celts tartan
Thompson tartan
Turnbull tartan
Tweedside tartan
United States tartan
Urquhart tartan
Wallace Hunting tartan
Wallace Modern tartan
Watson tartan
Weir tartan
Welsh Assembly Ancient tartan
Welsh Assembly Modern tartan
Wilson tartan

  Your own tartan designed

We will design your very own tartan at your request in the colours of your choice.

The tartan design fee of £750 + vat (if applicable) will include:

A design produced to your satisfaction
Submission for registration to the Scottish Tartans World Register
A 30 meter sample of fabric will be woven.

From the 30 metre sample we can manufacture any of the items from our product range in your tartan at a discounted price.

Some examples of our successful Tartan Designs are shown. From the top they are:

Welsh Assembly Tartan
Loch Katrine ( West of Scotland Water )
Scottish Parliament Tartan

Queen of the South
Norham and Ladykirk
Ford and Etal

For further information please contact Ronnie Hek:

e-mail: information@tartangift.co.uk

Phone/Fax: 011+44 (0) 1289 382924

  Scottish weddings

Whether you are planning your wedding in Gretna Green or Alice Springs TartanGift can supply a range of tartan accessories for your Scottish Wedding including silk or wool tartan Sashes and Garters for the Bride.

For the Bride Groom Cummerbunds, Bow Ties and Cufflinks can come in a set or individually.

All Tartans are available.

We can even design and weave you own tartan for the Special Occasion

Please go to our on-line shop and go to the weddings section.

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