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Duality CD



Duality by Ronnie Hek
CD with the following original tracks by Ronnie Hek.
1 The Big Day
2 Another Door
3 Here Today Gone Tomorrow
4 Please Come Back
5 Ayrshire Potatoes
6 Norham In The Morning
7 Rest Of My Life
8 Fork In The Road
9 Butterfly
10 Future In Your Hands
11 Never Be Alone
12 Duality
£11.50 including shipping.

The Big Day
Track 1

The Big day was inspired by my years wishing
my life away working in a chemical plant. I became
a bit of a graffiti artist writing the big day in prominent spots.
The big day was the day I left that place.

Another Door
Track 2

Another door is about the times in life when things are not going so good. That the day will come when life will be good again.

Here Today Gone Tomorrow
Track 3

This is when the ex comes back to see what she can can get. She's here today and gone tomorrow.

Please Come Back
Track 4

This one was for Gail when she had to go away. I wrote this and played it to her over the phone.

Ayrshire Potatoes
Track 5

When I was young we had our fruit vegetables delivered by Dan Dick on his horse and cart. Dan liked to stop at every pub on the route. This day he stayed to long in the pub to long and the horse (Samson) set off on the rounds by himself.

Norham in the Morning
Track 6

I wrote and played this song Folk Rockin for Flodden at Norham Castle. On the
28th of August 1513 the Scottish army attacked and took Norham Castle. Then went on to Flodden and the biggest defeat in Scottish history.

Rest of my Life
Track 7

Rest of my Life is about when my parents first met. My father was from Wales and travelled the 300 miles to Scotland on a bike. He met my mother and the first time she took him home they had been in the pud. As they went up the path to meet my grandparents he fell and my granddad said he'll do. They were married and was sent to Gibralta for 5 years. When he came back from the war he had a 5 year old son.

Fork in the Road
Track 8

Fork in the road is when you come to a crossroads in your life and have to make the decisions that will shape your future.

Track 9

The Butterfly is the thing that you really want but cannot keep. If you keep her in your hand she will die.

Future in your Hands
Track 10

The future in your hands is when you have to grab the moment, you have to take a chance.
To stand up and be counted.

Never be Alone
Track 11

This song is about Prince my springer spaniel. When times were hard, he was there for me.

Track 12

Duality the title track. Right or wrong, black or white, there is a beginning and an end.

Price:    11.50