Stewart Hunting

The pattern books of the old firm of weavers, Wilson's of Bannockburn, provide the first record of this sett. The pattern was not published until 1886 when James Grant included it in, 'The Tartans of the Clans of Scotland'. Grants version has an extra black line. The pattern is unusual in that the half sett is not reversed to create a symmetrical square. Instead the full sett is simply repeated from right to left across the cloth. There is no reliable explanation of why the Hunting Stewart should be regarded as a 'General' tartan other than, perhaps, that hunting tartans are not formal wear and therefore not subject to the rigours of clan protocol./ Wilsons of Bannockburn a weaving firm founded c1770 near Stirling,/The Pattern books are in the National Museum of Antiquities, Edinburgh./ Copys of the Pattern books and letters in the Scottish Tartans Society archive.