Coldstream Tartan
Welsh Assembly Tartan
Loch Katrin Tartan (West of Scotland Water)
Scotish Parliament Tartan
Queen of the South Tartan
Norham and LadyKirk Tartan

Tartan Design

We will design your very own tartan at your request in the colours of your choice.
The tartan design cost is free of charge when a 60 meter
piece of fabric is committed to.

  • A design producd to your satisfaction.
  • Submission for registration to the Scottish Tartans World Register.
    Some examples of our successful Tartan Designs are shown on the left. From the top they are:
  1. Coldstream
  2. Welsh Assembly Tartan
  3. Loch Katrine ( West of Scotland Water )
  4. Scottish Parliament Tartan
  5. Queen of the South
  6. Norham and Ladykirk

For further information please contact Ronnie Hek:
Phone/Fax: 011+44 (0) 1289 382924


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