Quill Pens 
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Quill Pen Sets
The pen set comes with a wooden base and a pheasant quill pen in three versions.

Single Quill Set with ink and pewter pen holder.
Single Golf Quill Set with a golf ball, pen holder and ink.
Single Pewter Quill Set with a pewter pen holder and quality pewter inkwell.

Pheasant Quills
Traditional golden pheasant quill pens with a metal copperplate nib.
Ink also available.

Turkey Quills
A traditional pen with copperplate nib.  Available in black, brown, red, fuchsia, purple, lilac, bottle-green, royal, turquoise, emerald, gold and white.  Also available with a pastel pot.

Seal Set
A gift set in a satin-lined presentation box, featuring wax and seal, ink and pheasant quill pen.